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The Game Killer App is one of the best hacking apps. It is especially required for Android devices as well as other kinds of smartphones as well. This app is mostly used for hacking offline, Android games and Android apps. Game Killer can also assist you to adjust and amend offline games and applications on your device as per your preference.

Are you are the person who loves playing different kinds of games? 

Then you can try out & download Game Killer APK hack apps that offer you a variety of cheats and functions to play and win in some games which you feels difficult to due to hard gameplay. Apart from providing cheats, it also has an end number of features that would help you to play games on your Android device and also helps you to get lots of coins and points.

The game killer resembles the SIB game Hacker APK app in many ways. It allows you to find different kinds of games that are either running or paused for the moment. This app helps you to hack all of the offline paid Apps and games and the latest version of the app support from Android 2.3 to Android 6.0. it is a must have app for game lovers with various kinds of additional useful features. The original & official version of game killer Apk 3.11 file can be downloaded from our website.


The features of the Game Killer APK app

There are various features of the Game Killer APK app. These features make it one of the best-loved hacking Andriod apps among game lovers there are as follows.

  • Free app

The Game Killer App is a free App. It is compatible with all kinds of Android devices as well as tablets and other smartphones.

  • Hacks all offline apps

This App will allow you to hack all (most of the) offline apps and games on your devices, But as a limitation, you would not be allowed to hack online games with the help of this app. But it is has a huge success of 99% of modifying game files giving you unlimited game coins.

  • Supports From Android 2.3 to Android 6.0

Although the previous version of the game killer was supported above Android 4.0, the latest version of the App supports from Android 2.3 to Android 6.0.

  • Helps you to find the latest and most updated games

It also helps you find some of the latest games and apps on your Android devices and tablets.

  • Finds games and apps quickly

Find some of the best games and apps easily on your device with this app

  • You can modify the game

You can also change the Android games on your phones as well as tablets and other Android devices

  • Increases easy money and points

This app helps to increase easy money as well as points in games

  • Easy to use

Very easy to use and can contribute in playing many kinds of games

  • Can modify games

Modify games, missions, game controls and characters as well.

How can it help you?

Game Killer is an Android App that lets you change and modify games without any complex procedures & headaches. This app is used to hack paid offline games & increase points, coins. But other same types of apps that available in the market can result in abnormalities in the Android phone behaviour if it is not used correctly. But the developer of the game killer has taken care of it & made it user-friendly. The Game Killer hacks application requires root access on the device, so it is necessary to root your device before trying to modify the Game Killer app.

Most of the Android games are played in stages and unlocked by spending coins. They provide in-app purchases and lets players buy coins by spending real money. Coins and Points can be earned by playing the games, and the values can be changed. The Game Killer app can change system file of offline games, and you can add scores and coins as well as money to the games that do not require to be played with the help of the Internet. Online based games cannot be hacked you can also try the sb game hacker apk that is another popular app of this kind. The Game Killer app has been downloaded by over at least ten million users worldwide. This app is however not available in the Google Play store.

Why is It one of the most favorable hacking apps?

Everyone prefer it over other apps because It is a very powerful app that is straightforward and simple to use. It supports a variety of games and is compatible with the latest Andriod versions like Lollipop and MarshMallow. You can also know about the procedure of using Game Killer app Later in this post as an instruction manual guide.

The game killer hack android app has recently been updated to a newer version4.10. If you feel that you are facing problems with the new version, then you can use the previous v3.11.

Game killer apk download –

For Rooted Devices

Game Killer only works on rooted devices. If your device is not rooted first, root it with King Root. So you should download the game killer app and experience the thrill today.

Game killer is available for Android only :(. We will update download link once it is available for iOS devices.

Sites offering Download Game Killer for iOS, game killer download for windows , gamekiller download ios,  for Kindle apk,gamekiller download for kindle fire & game killer apk no root download all are fake. These sites are providing malicious apps which can harm your mobile or kindle fire. They can steal your data with those malicious apps. So We suggest you to Download game killer full version apk without any survey from our websites which provides fully genuine and working version of the app.

Video Tutorial For How to use game killer app

Check out the full video tutorial on how to use game killer apk 3.11 bellow, which you can  download & install from the link above in your device & enjoy game killer on your device for free. So check out from the video below to know more about the app.

The Game Killer APK 3.11 no root Android Free Download

The Game Killer APK 3.11  works only with rooted mobile only. Unfortunately, you cannot use it without rooting your mobile, so you need to root your mobile to use game killer. It is an Android tools allow you to support you to hack your favorite games, which you play offline. This tool helps you to resolve all kinds of errors and mistakes that happen while playing a variety of games. It is a very useful tool, which also has an impressive performance and attracts users. With this tool, you can hack missions easily. You can create, save and load games quickly and leave a game to where it was last played. It also supports you to change gameplay and handle the game efficiently.

Installing the App

If you are wondering how to get the game killer app no survey, it is easy to install the Game Killer APK app.

  • First Download the Game killer APK from the links.
  • The Game Killer download is free from our website and takes a matter of just minutes to download.
  • After downloading the launch APK on the download folder of your internal memory.
  • Now make sure that You have enabled Unknow Sources.
  • If you have not enabled Unknown Sources then go to Settings → Security→ Tick on Unknown Sources → Now Click on okay Button to activate it.


  • After Enabling Unknow Sources Now go to your file manager & find out Download Folder. & inside it finds out the apk file you have downloaded.


  • Now tap on the apk file. It will open a screen with an option to “install” Click on it.




  • Wait till the complete installation is completed.



  • Now Lunch the app from your App Drawer.



  • Enjoy playing any game now with Game Killer app.

Hacking game scores with game Killer


If you are wondering how to use game killer, then these are the following ways

  • Download Game Killer from the link given above and install the same
  • Open Game Killer and you would see a window.
  • Press back or minimize game killer and you would see the Game Killer icon floating on the screen
  • Open the game you want to hack and play. Collect coins or game scores or anything you would like.
  • Click on the icon on the top and see the input number to do exact search and enter the number of coins or scores on the keyboard
  • Press the search button and tap auto identify in the window.
  • You can change the coin value
  • Game Killer download may look confusing at the beginning; it is engaging and straightforward as you get along.

Review of the Game Killer APK app

If you Google for other game hack applications and tricks, you can find thousands of results on search engine regarding other Android apps on hacking or modifying the games internal scoring system. The game killer is one of well known and proven to be very user-friendly and delivering what the Android app is promising. Hacking an Android app scoring system is not only what you can except from the Game killer app, but also it has plenty of other relevant, cool features, which will make your gaming much more enjoyable.

It is important to root your phone in the very beginning to have access to your device, and it is a difficult task for amateur users.
What my suggestion is, rooting your Android smartphone will be a wise move or else it will be difficult to go on further steps, for beginners this won’t be an easy task but I assure once you learn how the rooting works then you will get a hang of it.

How Does Game Killer APK work?

First of all, you have to understand how the application works for that you have to know what is the purpose of the game killer android app.
The game killer is an Android app, which helps you to hack into Specific Android Games and modify score files and help you increase the number of coins, cash, points, power, health packs, ammo and other things related to scores.

The game killer can be used in offline games, most of your are playing offline games such as Subway Surfer, which is offline an offline game that does not require an internet connection. You can use the app to increase scoreboard only on offline games.
When we have mentioned offline, we must have confused you. What we were trying to explain is, there are android games which require Internet connectivity such as Clash of clans, you need an Internet connection to play this game, so Game killer does not support on online games.
However, the Android app works flawlessly on other regular offline games.


  • To give you quick heads on the game killer android application, we will mention some of the best advantages you will have once you install this excellent game scoreboard hacking app.
  • I’m sure that you will like the game killer app performance but what is the use of any app if it doesn’t support multiple sets of games. The game killer hacking app supports multiple major games so that you will not be disappointed. The app will not give you a chance to be disappointed.
  • What makes an Android app better in the android market is that the number of downloads? Nope, that’s not entirely accurate. The ratings of the app and reviews of the app are what matters. The ratings and reviews of the Android apps are what decide if the android application is capable of what you are expecting from it because those reviews and ratings are what you will be experiencing after the proper use of the Android app. You decide game killer has several reviews and ratings to give you a heads up on what the application is capable of doing.
  • Google play store authority doesn’t recommend third party Android apps to be used on your smartphones because they cannot be trusted in any manner as the application can invade your privacy and you might end up sharing some confidential information to some unknown China hackers. Game killer  is there in playstore around for a while, and it is true that Google has rejected the application to list on Google play store, however, many of the Android used this app, and the app has earned several positive reviews.
  • The interface of the game killer application is quite user-friendly, a quick look and use of the app for couple of rounds, you will get used to the interface on where and how to use the options accordingly.
  • What else the game can increase? That’s a practical question, it can raise any specific game coins, flags, boost ups, energy levels and rounds help. These are some of the other things the game can increase since each game has their scoring style. We apologize if we haven’t mentioned any of the scoring types.
  • With an Android device, there are several things we like to store on our device, which increases the number of apps installed on out smartphone, sometimes we overdo our smartphones. SO we have to make sure that out smartphone are not suffocating when low on storage. So you have to worry about it in this case because the game killer app does not consume much of the space, and it won’t even run in the background after the game Killer is a utility app which is used only once.
  • I have mentioned it in my last point that our smartphones are filled with impressive data which we do not wish to delete, and we take precautions before adding or installing files. The game killer does not consume RAM, and it does even run in the background so be worry free, that is why the game killer app runs faster on devices.
  • Let’s move on to the interface. The app is very easy to understand and use. You will get a hang of it once you learn how to use it.


  • One of the main reasons several users going to for others to go for the alternative is because the game killer is available on Google play store, raising doubts, questions over security and privacy.
  • Accordingly to the official team of Google play store, more than 52% users are using older versions of the android version. In other words, the game killer is not compatible with the older smartphone running Android 4.0.
  • Coming to last and the only disadvantage you will get is that, you device might lack what it takes to run the app.

The Final Verdict About Game Killer

The killer game app doesn’t have many disadvantages. But the most arguable and significant problem is that the app is not available to download on Google play store, which is indeed disappointing for gamers. There are several reasons why Google reject an application. What I think personally is that the game starts with the word “Game Hack” which is enough to trigger the alarm for the authorized testing team of Google. It’s just my theory.
The game killer android app works smoothly on most of the smartphones. However, no can promise that it might work on your low-end smartphone. The game killer works smoothly works on mid-ranged Android smartphones, but I have not tested it on low-end smartphones.